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The Improvement of Nutritional and Technological Properties of Gluten-Free Cereal-Based Products (Turkish with English Abstract)

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Gamze Özuğur, Mehmet Hayta


Celiac disease is one of the most common food intolerances with prevalence of 1-2% worldwide. Currently, a lifelong gluten-free diet and so the consumption of only gluten-free product is the basic treatment for celiac disease. Gluten is the main structure-forming protein in dough, responsible for the elastic and extensible properties of dough and contributes to appearance and microstructure of product. A wide variety of components can be added to the formulation in gluten-free products to overcome the quality defects and dietary problems due to the lack of the gluten. The use of starch and hydrocolloids is a common approach for the formation of the desired structure of dough to mimic gluten and the improvements of quality characteristics such as color, appearance, texture and flavor after the baking process. There have been such studies on the increase of vitamin, mineral and protein content of gluten-free products with low nutritional value. In this review, the studies for improving the nutritional and technological characteristics of gluten-free bread, cakes, biscuits and pasta-noodles have been considered.

Keywords: Celiac disease, gluten, gluten-free cereal foods

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