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The Possibilities of Using Water-Soluble Gums in Whole Wheat Bread (Turkish with English Abstract)

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Başak Sungur, Recai Ercan

ABSTRACT: In this study, the effects of different levels of hydrocolloids added to whole wheat flours on the bread properties were researched. With this aim, it was determined the effects of Guar gum (0,15-1,00%), LBG (0,15-1,00%), CMC (0,25-1,00%) and Karragenan (0,15-1,00%) on some physical and technological properties of the dough and bread, that were made from whole wheat flours which were obtained from Bezostaya and İkizce wheat varieties and also bread staling. Additionally, the effects of usage of emulsifiers, DATEM (0,50-2,00%), besides of hydrocolloids on the dough and bread quality were investigated. According to the results, the bread properties were not improved significantly by hydrocolloids added singly. To eliminate this negativity, double and triple combinations were established by adding different levels of hydrocolloids and emulsifiers. In this combinations, especially stability and loaf volume were increased and bread staling was retarded. Generally, the best results were obtained with 0,50% CMC+1,00% DATEM and 0,45% LBG+0,50% CMC+1,00% DATEM combinations.


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